Ba’ Ghetto Kosher: Dining in the Ghetto in Rome

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Ba’ Ghetto, Via del Portico D’Ottavia, 57- Rome Among all the ‘ethnic’ foods we miss when we are in Italy, hummus is one of the most craved…. Read More »

Yountville’s Specialty Sandwiches, Napa Valley

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Yountville Deli, 6498 Washington Street, Yountville, CA It’s not a secret that Napa offers the most exquisite and sophisticated dining experiences, overwhelming a foodie with its brimming… Read More »

Dining at Le Marais. ‘Le Petit Marché’, Paris

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At Le Marais, the aristocratic district of Paris, one of the nicest areas of Paris, we mix ourselves among the real Parisienne. Far away from the touristy Champs Elissee,… Read More »

Vegan Carob Persimmon Cups

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The key for success in eating clean is not feeling deprived. We are both gluttons & food lovers. A life eating unseasoned raw carrots and celery sticks would… Read More »

Swept Away, Bali

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“Right this way please.” “Oh I just want to see,” I try to explain. “No eat.” I follow her from the luscious spa toward the restaurant. A sign… Read More »

Zinc Cafe x 2, OC

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Not satisfied with merely one location, we test two out of three Zinc Cafe‘s spots. Our investigation starts with breakfast at Corona del Mar. Their variety of items… Read More »

French Macaroons in Orange County

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Even if, through the clear glass window, they appear perfect in shape and flashy in color, it is not easy to find macaroons that are actually good to… Read More »

Bali Bike Tour on a Luwak Coffee Plantation

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“What is a Luwak?” I ask. The guide points inside a cage. A small furry animal, no bigger than a cat is napping. “They are only awake at… Read More »

Some of the Best Gelato in Rome

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GIOLITTI, Via Uffici del Vicario, 40 Rome In 1890 Giuseppe and Bernardina Giolitti opened a creamery where they used to sell milk from their own pastures in the Roman countryside. The… Read More »

Vivoli, Florence. Three Generations Devoted to Gelato

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“When you eat my gelato you can touch the sky with a finger and stay in a moment of happiness”, Patrizia Vivoli tells me when I ask her… Read More »

Seventh Heaven of Gelato at ‘Settimo Gelo’, Brescia

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“Before you try this, just forget about everything else. This is going to blow your mind.” The challenge is not easy. Coconut sorbet is one of my favorite… Read More »

A Gelato Tour in the First Capital of Italy

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The city of Turin is located in the heart of the Piemonte region and it’s home to all things Italian: a historic city center, the first king of… Read More »