Banana Sorbetto

Back to School at Carpigiani Gelato University, Italy

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“What we are going to create today is like one of those beautiful butterflies that are graceful and full of color: pleasing, harmonious, but extremely ephemeral.” With these words Luciano… Read More »


Gelarmony, Rome. When Gelato Is a Work of Art

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The first thing I notice when I enter Gelarmony, are customers admiring the display case. Their gelato looks absolutely exquisite, each flavor a whirlpool of colors and decoration…. Read More »

Dagnino Rome

Breakfast at Dagnino, Rome

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It is with great regret that I didn’t find Dagnino until my last day in Rome, for I would have came more often. Located on the brink of… Read More »

Nuns Eating Gelato

Experiencing the Real Italy Through a Scoop of Gelato

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The first question the foreigners ask when they hear the word gelato is, ‘how is it different than ice cream?’ A question, I learned, that has many answers…. Read More »

Gelato Museum2

Bologna, Italy: A Museum Dedicated to Gelato

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Where could the first Gelato Museum aimed to study and document the history, values, and culture of artisan gelato, be born if not in Bologna, the gastronomic heart… Read More »

Green Tomatoes4

Green Tomato Jam

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At the end of the September, when in the Italian country they’re picking the tomatoes ripened by the summer sun, the fields offer a delicacy that not everybody… Read More »


World’s Best Sorbets at Via de Gracchi, Rome

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Usually the reasons why a gelateria is considered unforgettable are related to its cremes. Luscious chocolates, velvety nut creams, milk and egg concoctions intertwined with nutella, honey or… Read More »


All the 100 Flavors of Claudio Torce’s Gelateria, Rome

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If a gelateria were a restaurant there would be many varieties, from fast food to fine dining. If one had to describe Claudio Torce‘s gelateria in Rome, it… Read More »


Ba’ Ghetto Kosher: Dining in the Ghetto in Rome

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Among all the ‘ethnic’ foods we miss when we are in Italy, hummus is one of the most craved. Even though Greece is next door, Greek food here… Read More »

Semifreddi at Gelateria Passaparola

Amazed by ‘Torroncino Gelato’ at Passaparola, Castiglione delle Stiviere, Italy

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When it comes to gelato flavors, I am always inclined to go for innovation. Maybe it’s because I grew up to the tune of ‘stracciatella’ and ‘fiordilatte’, but… Read More »


Playing Gelato Riddles in Cremona, Italy

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On Wednesday mornings, the streets of Cremona are bustling with life. The weekly outdoor market brightens up the city with tens of stands selling fabrics and flowers, cheese… Read More »


Meeting a Gelato Traditionalist at K2, Alghero

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Hidden in the center of Alghero, the ancient Spanish town in the north of Sardinia whose center is like a maze, we find K2, one of the many… Read More »