My First Time: “Coppa Gelato” at Isola Rossa, Sardinia

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We stop in Isola Rossa on the way home from a gorgeous day at the beach. Ambra and I are extremely burnt; even the sun protruding through the… Read More »


3 Great Places for Traditional Sweets in the North of Sardinia

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1. “LI COSI BONI” di Anna Maria Campo, SPSM Santa Maria Coghinas, 07030 (SS), Italy This little pastry laboratory is hidden in the fields that separates the beach… Read More »


The World’s Biggest Antipasto at ‘Golden Gate’, Sardinia

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If you ask the locals what’s the best fish restaurant on the north coast of Sardinia they send you to the mountains. Bortigiadas, a tiny town hidden in… Read More »


Gelato at ‘Fiore di Maggio’ in Palau, Italy

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I made the 90 kilometer drive on a windy road from Castelsardo to Palau, which is quite frightening, particularly at night when it’s pitch black, and the only… Read More »

Mirto and Creme Brulee

The Gelato Maker Who Doesn’t Like Gelato

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The first thing I notice is Mirto. An inviting container loaded with a thick and full gelato, blue like the sky. Even though it’s something I’ve never tried,… Read More »


Black Sesame Ice Cream at Okada, Macau

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One of my favorite places in Vegas, so trendy that it replaces my urge to visit night clubs, is Okada, a Japanese restaurant that I frequent as often… Read More »


Salep Turkey Ice Cream in Istanbul

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At the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul I hear two words: “Ice cream. Ice cream.” My ears perk. I stop to investigate. A tall, affable man is stirring fervently…. Read More »

Taro Iced Cream

Taro Iced Cream in Wine. A Chinese Version of Gelato

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Last time I dined at Wing Lei, I remember seeing something gelato-related on the menu. Some kind of chilled dessert reinterpreted in compliance to Macau‘s confectionary tradition. As… Read More »


Chocoholic in Hong Kong

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Down a small alley off Stanton Street, Hong Kong I read a sign: “Chocoholic.” I race down the steps and peek my head inside. A nearby couple is devouring… Read More »


Hong Kong: a Multicultural Enclave in Asia

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Usually one street is not enough to grasp the spirit of a city, but it can certainly be a good starting point to penetrate its surface. ggbgjll The district of… Read More »


Sunday Brunch at Life, Hong Kong

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On Sunday mornings, brunch seems to be a very popular habit in Soho, the central, bohemian heart of Hong Kong. Its uphill alleys and escalator (a 2,600 ft long circuit… Read More »


XTC Gelato in Hong Kong

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After a long, celibate journey from gelato, I greet the bright red sign of XTC Gelato with a smile. Although it’s a chain with locations throughout Hong Kong,… Read More »