Buttercup Squash Risotto

Buttercup Squash Risotto

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This recipe is a classic in my kitchen as it is the most traditional kind of rice dish in Lombardy (my region!), where risotto often replaces pasta for… Read More »

Freshly Picked Up Kiwi and Italian Cheese

Round Pond Estate, Rutherford (Napa Valley)

In California, Casual Cuisine, Foodie Tales, United States On January 26, 2012 1 Comment

Hidden away in the heart of Napa Valley, is an experience no foodie should miss. As soon as we arrive at Round Pond in Rutherford, Colleen, our tour… Read More »

Pine Nuts Pie

Pine Nut Pie

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This pie doesn’t need any introduction, the pictures speak for themselves… it’s crunchy, creamy, delicate and savory all in one… Amazing.             Shortbread… Read More »


Italian Meatloaf

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While Americans mostly think of Meatballs when they figures Italian food, this is not a really common dish in Italy. Something pretty close to that flavor is “polpettone”,… Read More »


Flatbread at Pride, St. Helena (Napa Valley)

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When you ask Jason Skelly, Pride Wineyard‘s Chef, how he named this special dish, he blushes, muttering that it’s merely a flatbread, as if wasn’t noteworthy. However, his… Read More »

Trenette with Pesto

Trenette with Pesto

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Trenette is a kind of narrow, flat spaghetti that is usually served with Pesto sauce. The traditional recipe of this typical Genoa dish includes diced potatoes, boiled in… Read More »

Apple Strudel Filling

Apple Strudel at Laguna Coffee Company, Laguna Beach

In California, Coffee Break, Foodie Tales, United States On January 10, 2012 2 Comments

From behind the counter I watch eagerly in the kitchen. “Can I help you?” the barista asks me. I tilt my head to the side. “What’s he making… Read More »

Lobster with ricotta gnocchi, butternut squash & tarragon

Café La Haye, Sonoma

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Especially when you are in Napa, it is not uncommon to bump into places that seem like holes in the wall, but turn out to be refined eateries…. Read More »

Almond Bignes

Almond Bigné at Ca’ Momi, Napa

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Before going to Ca’ Momi, enoteca (winery), pizzeria and pasticceria located in The Oxbow Market, I check their website. A big note stands in the middle of the… Read More »

Rosa Reuben sandwich

Yountville’s Specialty Sandwiches, Napa Valley

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It’s not a secret that Napa offers the most exquisite and sophisticated dining experiences, overwhelming a foodie with its brimming atlas of the finest restaurants. When making a… Read More »