• Active Culture. Natural Foods Café + Yogurt, 1006 S. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA www.facebook.com/activeculture

Surely the location helps, but the ocean breeze in my hair and the sun glistening off the waves are not the only reasons of my love for Active Culture. I return to this Natural Food Café after having tried their Naked Coconut Shake (almond milk, agave nectar, coconut and strawberries), confident that I am going to satisfy a craving. This time I opt for their Date Shake (I have had a really average one – watery and flavorless – at Nèkter Juice Bar in Corona Del Mar a few days ago and want to make up for it).

Naked Coconut Shake

When the waitress dips the straw in the glass, it stands effortlessly in the middle of the fruit puree. Good sign. I ditch the straw and ask for a spoon to test the texture. When the first spoonful meets my mouth, I realize it’s over the top. Organic frozen coconut base (substituted for their frozen yogurt), raw almond milk, dates and walnuts crate a delicious combination of flavors. Substantial date pieces and nut bristles are gently hugged by the refreshing denseness of the icy coconut and almond nectar. The consistency is perfect. The sweetness impeccably balanced.

I enjoy every single ounce. I scrape the wall of my glass not to waste a single drop. I’d lick the bottom if I could, but it’s too deep. I look at the sea and sun again. I gaze at the sand following the pelicans’ moving shadows. The genuineness of this scenery induces me to delight in the good life. I order a second one asking for double dates. We only live once, right?

Date Shake



It would have been better if… it had had more walnut and date’s pieces… but perhaps my gluttony is getting the best of me.