• A PHOTOGRAPHIC POST about the plentiful Bangkok's food stalls, the most authentic way to experience the local cuisine.

Eating street food in Bangkok, surrounded by the vibrant traffic and the colors of the urban life, is an essential part of experiencing the city. From dawn until dusk, thousands of vendors prepare every kind of Thai dish along sidewalks and outdoor markets, offering food that in many occasions is superior to the ones prepared in restaurants.

From chicken noodles to ‘moo daeng’ (red barbequed pork), from papaya salads to sticky rice, the list is endless. We skipped the most questionable items, such as roasted bugs and steamed goose feet (SEE THE SECOND VIDEO), and we enjoyed the rest. Desserts in particular are really worth trying! Besides our beloved Mango and Sticky Rice, our favorites are bite sized Coconut Pancakes, Coconut Griddle Dumplings and Roasted Bananas in caramel syrup.

Note: Scroll over the photo with your mouse to learn more about each item.

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