• Toast Bakery Cafe, 8221 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA www.toastbakerycafe.net

At Toast in Beverly Hills, I am lucky to get a table. I deliberate and order “The Oscar,” thin strips of chicken, guacamole, fresh salsa and eggs over medium and melted cheese in grilled corn tortillas.

To drink, I opt for the White Coconut Creme Tea, one of their many eclectic choices. Before I can take a sip of water, my food arrives; so quick that I’m skeptical.

Nevertheless it looks fantastic, eloquently presented in a skillet on a fine wooden place mat.

All my reservations are gone when I take the first bite. Where typical breakfast tacos bore you with scrambled eggs, this beauty tests the limitations using over medium ones. When I try into avocado, salsa and chicken strips, I am greeted by an oozing yolk.

Too often I take one bite of stale fruit and set it aside. Not here. Seasonal mulberries and blood oranges were just a few of the treasures I discovered. The food is gone as fast as it arrives. Delicious.


It could have been better if… the taco shells were big enough to contain the yolks.