• 400 gr of sugar per 1 kg of fruit

At the end of the September, when in the Italian country they’re picking the tomatoes ripened by the summer sun, the fields offer a delicacy that not everybody is able to appreciate.

All of those green fruits that aren’t going to have enough time to absorb the sunrays and turn their hard pulp into a sweet, juicy flesh are leftover.

The farmers are happy to allow the more industrious cooks (like us) to clean out the soil from this unexpected ingredient: the main protagonist of the delicious green tomato jam.

After cooking for several hours and caramelizing with sugar, the fruits no longer taste like tomatoes, making it impossible for the first timer to identify the origin of this marmalade. Great to accompany cheeses and meat, this preserve is also an excellent choice for breakfast, spread on a slice of bread and dipped in a cup of lukewarm milk.


Cut the green tomatoes in pieces and put them in a big pot with the sugar. Cook on low heat for at least three hours keeping the jam well stirred.

– When ready, pour the boiling hot jam into glass vases. Put their lid on and flip them upside down until completely cool.

– Save a little bit for yourself and enjoy it while it’s still warm as a delicious topping on a cup of Greek yogurt!