• Koi Kei Bakery, Largo Senado 7, Macau www.koikei.com

On a rainy afternoon, looking for the famous Portuguese Egg Tarts in the heart of downtown Macau, we land in a store that fulfills our deepest, even unknown cravings.

Immediately our attention is captured by a glass case that hedges piping hot pastries filled with a bright yellow custard.

Avoiding useless attempt to communicate, we point out the celebrated flakey treats. The attendant places one of them over a brown paper sheet.

Even though the shell is crispy and fragrant, the filling is not the creamy, sweet kind of custard I imagined.

This one is almost plain and has a gelatinous consistency.

While I slowly savor the treat and try to elaborate my opinion, I hear Alec calling me: “Look!!! They are giving samples of Almond Cookies!” As we dig our teeth in the first bite, these treats capture us. Delicious and unique bitter nuts powder melt and dissolve on your tongue leaving a delightful sensation on your palate.

As we indulge on the platter, we realize it’s just one of the uncountable dishes of Macanese sweets that the staff is preparing in front of the crowd of curious customers.

Without knowing it, we landed at Koi Kei, one of the most famous bakeries of Macau. What started its adventure as food cart in 1997, finally succeeded in opening multiple stores and becoming a brand of Chinese delicacies.

We try every possible snack. We nibble on pineapple marmalade dainties, cashew and walnut cookies, sesame and hazelnuts rolls.

We don’t even bother to stop at the seaweed crepes that are being made on the griddle right in our faces.

A ladle of sweet egg mixture with a square sheet of seaweed placed in the middle. Baked, folded and handed to us.

As it cools down it gets crispy. Sweet outside with a salty center.

Not my favorite sensation, but definitely worth trying.


“Ok. Now we have to stop. Seriously.” We buy a box of almond cookies, one of sesame rolls and make our way out of the store. Just when we’re crossing the doorstep, we realize we haven’t tried their signature item, the one that made their food cart famous.

Ginger Candies covered with coconut flakes. To savor one of these is mandatory.

The treat is intense: the pungent flavor of the Asian root infused with sugar syrup and sweetened by coconut is amazing.

We indulge in a second piece and hastily walk away.

Too delicious to resist!


It would have been better if… we had bought a box of Ginger Candies too.

Macau, Largo Senado