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As if the Breakfast didn’t suffice, I return for lunch at the Mandarin Oriental Buffet, in Macau. The waitress seats me next to the window overlooking the harbor and  returns with a pot of tea and a menu.

“Wait, isn’t this a buffet?” I query . “Yes, but you also get a main course.” I sigh and opt for lamb.

I walk the two sides of the buffet and tease my eyes. Left or Right? Left means fish and meat. Right, fruit and sweets. I make a left and fill my plate with fresh Sashimi: salmon, yellow tail and tuna. It’s some of the best.

Next to it, the most brilliant display of Shellfish and Muscles I’ve seen. I snag one. It’s simple and good. I bravely pick up an octopus ball, covered with a creamy lemon mayo sauce. A little too rich for my taste.

Round two is reserved for meats. First stop: Satay (Asian kebab) Sticks. I have my choice of chicken, beef and lamb. All three, of course, but the beef is the best, slightly spicy and great when paired with their home made garlic and ginger sauce. Superb.

I move forward and dip a plump Taiwanese Sausage in chili sauce. It’s sweet and fatty. I think of having another but I’m quickly distracted by the Crispy Pork. It is a bit sour, and I have to cut 2/3 of it away in fat, but a tiny dip in barbecue sauce tames the taste.

I am going to motion for the dessert bar. “Sir,” the waitress says, “don’t you want your Lamb?” I dig in. Two large legs rest comfortably on a bed of sauce and potatoes. The meat is so thick that,  before I know it, I’m eating the skin off the bones.

It’s time for sweet. 9 different dishes, and I’m not about to miss any.

1. The Mango Passion Fruit Cake is first on the list. It’s sweet and tangy with fiver alternating layers. Gone in four bites.

2. The Banana Bread Pudding, with shreds of coconut and shaved almonds, is among my favorites.

3. “Serradura“, as it’s called, is sifted Graham Cracker layered with creme. The dush shaving dries my mouth but its liberated by the creme. I like it, but it’s chocolate time.

4. The decadent Dark Chocolate Layers Cake, stuffed with fresh raspberries is thick and smooth, bold and tart.

5. The Chocolate Mousse is just as rich and creamy, but an almond crunchy center adds a welcomed twist.

6. Bite sized Fruit Tarts are no match for the rest. Gone in one bite.

7Macaroons come in three flavors: Orange, Raspberry and Green Tea, each with a chocolate filling. They conform to my mouth.

8. A soothing Gingerbread and Anise flavored Biscuit makes for a nice finish. It is weightless and delicious.

9. Almonds and Macadamia Nuts are covered in dark chocolate with sifted cocoa powder. are too good. They compel me to return for more.

When I cannot eat another morsel, I ask for the check. It’s less than $40, but if priced individually, could easily be $150. In terms of quality, it’s out of this world.

“Is there a dinner one?” I think to myself as I pay the bill. It really would be a perfect trifecta trying all three in the same day.
I waddle away, I dare not ask.

It would have been better if… I hadn’t forgotten to try their salads…