Nitrogen Ice Cream in Bangkok. When Science Meets the Kitchen

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When I think about making gelato, I think of creativity: I envision a messy kitchen full of sliced fruit and ground nuts, pots of custard and clouds of… Read More »

Bangkok: The Sticky Rice & Mango Adventure (Part 1)

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As we get out of the airport and feel the hot, windy temperature of Bangkok, we fall in love. It’s 11.30 pm and, although we’re tired after our… Read More »

Italian Gelato in Dubai. Is It Just a Mirage?

In Foodie Tales On June 12, 2012 2 Comments

We often wonder, “can one find a good gelato outside of Italy?” Our search for a “yes” continues in Dubai, one of the few cities outside of Italy… Read More »

Bateel. Date Paradise in Dubai

In Foodie Tales, Sweet Tooth On June 10, 2012 1 Comment

Atlantis, the majestic resort situated on Palm Jumeirah (the world’s largest man-made island, that looks like a palm floating on the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf), is famous… Read More »

Booza. Syriac Ice Cream in Dubai

In Foodie Tales, Sweet Tooth On June 7, 2012 3 Comments

While we are walking the gallery of the luxurious Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the Middle East, heavy tinny sounds begin to vibrate in the air,… Read More »

Date Shake in Laguna Beach

In California, Foodie Tales, Sweet Tooth, United States On June 3, 2012 1 Comment

Surely the location helps, but the ocean breeze in my hair and the sun glistening off the waves are not the only reasons of my love for Active… Read More »

2012 Gelato Festival in Florence, Italy

In Foodie Tales, Italy On June 1, 2012 5 Comments

What is Gelato? How is it different than ice cream? Most importantly, why is it so much better? It wasn’t until I lived in Italy and witnessed how integrated… Read More »

An Ancient Discovery at “Ciro” in Alghero, Sardinia, Italy

In Foodie Tales, Italy, Sweet Tooth On May 27, 2012 2 Comments

I head to Alghero, an old Spanish town on the North-West side of Sardinia, with two objectives: 1) to find that amazing gelateria that I tried once, but… Read More »

Mad About ‘Mandorla’ at Il Procopio, Florence

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If I think back to the moment when it all changed, where I realized that gelato was more than just ice cream, but a passion, a work of… Read More »

The Art of Cold. Gelato in Salò, Italy

In Foodie Tales, Italy, Sweet Tooth On May 19, 2012 5 Comments

In an elongate bay on the upper Garda area, lies the charming town of Salò, renown as home to the majestic villa Vittoriale, monumental citadel built in 1921… Read More »

White Wolf Cafe, College Park, Orlando

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The Bohemian atmosphere that hovers at White Wolf, in the nice neighborhood of College Park, Orlando, conquers me before I try their food. This Cafe, founded in 1991,… Read More »

Ceviche, Spanish Tapas in Orlando

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I happen to go there on a Tuesday. Immediately, I realize that it’s the right day to go. “This is our Tapas Tuesday Menu” the waitress says as… Read More »