• White Wolf Cafe, 1829 N. Orange Avenue, Orlando, www.whitewolfcafe.com

The Bohemian atmosphere that hovers at White Wolf, in the nice neighborhood of College Park, Orlando, conquers me before I try their food.

This Cafe, founded in 1991, is artistically decorated with vintage antiques, stained glass chandeliers and flowers. An old fashioned and quiet place that’s perfect to enjoy a mellow Saturday afternoon.

The Menu offers a large variety of options: from soups to quiches, from veggie wraps to sophisticated fish entrees.

As an appetizer we choose a combination of Pita and two different kinds of Hummus. They’re both so particular that I can’t decide what I like the most. The traditional one, made original by a hint of vinegar, or the Black Bean one, tasty and intense?

They say their specialty is the Flatbread-Pizza. Giving it a try is mandatory! We order the “Bianca“, with mozzarella, pecorino romano, fresh tomatoes and spinach. When it arrives, a smile opens up on my face. It looks so beautiful! The crust is extremely thin and crispy; the cheese well calibrated and light; the vegetables fresh.

The flavor confirms my impressions. Its crunchy base is topped with high quality ingredients and drizzled with a tasty vinegar glaze that gives it a hint of glamor. For just $10.95, this flatbread is big and totally satisfying, and, because of his thinness, it makes you feel ready to enjoy the entree.

The Mac and Two Cheeses we get, is an upscale reinterpretation of the tradition. Bowtie pasta seasoned with caramelized shallots, delicate Brie cheese and crab. The refined flavor of the meat, that copiously lavishes the dish, manages to prevail on the plentiful of cheese that covers it. The Brie is delectable and lip-smacking, but sometimes less is more.

We indulge on the warm crab pasta and save the rest for dinner. Dessert is coming!

The Lava Chocolate Cake is the perfect ending for this meal. Bittersweet, tiny, intense. When it arrives, our piping hot pastry emanates an irresistible chocolaty smell around the table.

I can’t wait to dip my fork in it!

Rich, strong, perfectly moist. Its heart is not exactly bleeding melted chocolate, but it’s truly scrumptious. What more can I want?

It would have been better if… they had used less cheese and more melted chocolate.